The Monsters

by admin on April 24, 2013

While playing the game of free Minecraft, gamers will encounter a variety of Minecraft monsters. These mobs are often hostile, in some cases may only be hostile if provoked, or met in certain areas. Be on the lookout for these creatures when playing the game, and be sure to swiftly kill them, unless you want to suffer damage yourself or get killed.



Critters are, of course, animals that can attack you. Only one monster that is a critter exists in the entirety of the game. Wolf (wild) may spawn in well-lit, grassy areas. They may attack sheep, or will attack players if provoked. You should kill them to not lose any sheep, or let them go if you have no sheep around. These creatures appear grey, with a brown snout, black eyes, nose, and a grey tail.

The Nether

The Nether is a world that may only be entered by creating a portal. Within The Nether, there are several monsters. These include the flying Blazes, which will shoot fireballs, Ghasts, which shoot fireballs from their mouths and may appear under any level of light, the magma cube, the Wither Skeleton, and the Zombie Pigman. Blazes appear to be surrounded by smoke. Ghasts may sometimes appear near portals to The Nether on rare occasions, and appear to be crying grey blocks with tentacles. The Magma Cube appears as a rocky cube with fire lit eyes. Wither Skeletons appear in fortresses, and are black skeletal creatures that carry blades. The Zombie Pigman appears to be a mash-up of a zombie and pig with a yellow sword, and will spawn in dimly lit areas or on the surface when a pig is struck by lightning.


Creepers are probably the most well-known monsters in the game. These are tall, green creatures with feet. They emit a hissing sound before they explode. Cave Spiders appear to be spiders with blue skin, and are rarer than common spiders, which appear a black-grey. Normal spiders spawn in dimly lit areas and are not hostile when in well-lit areas. Spider Jockeys, or skeletons riding spiders may also appear in caves or dimly lit areas. Skeletons on their own are a type of monster which will shoot arrows, but burn if in the sunlight. Other monsters include the Enderdragon (black dragon with purple eyes), Enderman, Iron Golem, Silverfish, Slime, Wither, Zombie, and Witch.

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